We are going to play monday night 6/1/2016,
With you that would be 6-8 players

I'm thinking of 1 Tourney & then rest a normal Ring Game.

Tourney buyin $10 OR $15
3rd (wins buyin)
2nd (2x buyins)
1st (the rest)
Blinds up every 15 hands (this way there is ample time to play)
Someone can show up late till someone is eliminated or start of thirty first hand (which ever is first)
But the blinds will be deducted for the missed hands and they need to post
and can not buy the button

the ring game is $50 max buyin or rebuy. Rebuy when at $10 or less
if full rounds being played of same game: BB $1 SB .50

if a dealer called game - Ante .25
- wild card games may or may not be allowed,
- If we have more players hi-lo split pot games get more action
- but loser pot match games are not allowed (ESSENTIALLY no guts games!)

If you want to bring someone along that's ok just have them following the rules:
1) let me know in advance that they are coming, do not justr show up at the door with them.
2) First introduced friends they must show up with you or after you arrive
3) You are responsible for your friends
4) Everyone has to understand this is a friendly game (NOT A HIGH STAKES game)
5) Be quiet and respectful when common areas of the building (we don't want to screw up a potentially good thing)
6) Do not say anything to anyone in the building about the game, your just there visiting your friend me (Rich)
7) Drinking ok, heavy drinking not ok
8) No smoking inside.
9) No recreational drug ... use period...do not even bring it in my home in your pocket.

I live at 240 Martine Ave. apt 6h White Plains, NY.

Chime in is you want me to provide healthy tastey eats.
I have some alcohol (not alot)
I can get stuff real quick because shoprite is across the street and they are open till 11pm.
There are also alot of very good delivery restaurants in the area.

Also let me know if your interested in playing other non-poker money card games like:
Scala, continental, knock rummy, team hearts, gin, team gin or others
Sorry but no Pinocle, Bridge. crazy eights, war, or spades