Welcome to

The Late Nite Grinders

(The LNG)

(c) 2017 Richard Jay Silverman


Welcome members of "The LNG"!


Original Members were choosen because Corey and I

respect your play on Jao for a league....  



Now it's morphed,  This is the chance to put your luckbox, bad beat, 2 outer, "wtf you doing in that hand plays" you've had against me, and actually put to work for us all.  All that grinding you've been doing, can pay off!!!



I've found opportunities on the internet to make free money and I will be presenting them here every day!  Jump on them and you can make some serious cash!


To the left is a biggie that made me $1000 in a day (because there is no play requirement...I don't expect that to last long)


And the one at the top right I earned $17 spending 5min 2 times in the first 6 hours, just using the freerolls from a few friends clicking on the link!




Please click on it and hit confirm....(I need the spins)


Don't miss our Up Coming Exclusive Special Events !



Starting with your Captains popping up as bounties for our team on Jao. Info on the Events Page.